Rentel, Belgium

The Rentel offshore windfarm is located in the North Sea, approximately 34 kilometers off the Belgian coastline. Thanks to the link, which reaches land close to Zeebrugge, the renewable energy project will contribute to the efforts that are being made to meet Belgium’s environmental objectives for 2020.

NordLink, The North Sea (Norway-Germany)

Covering a total of 623 kilometers, NordLink is an HVDC (high-voltage direct current) transmission link which will increase energy security in both countries, Norway and Germany.

Nordergründe, Germany

The Nordergründe wind farm, located in the North Sea off the coast of Germany, is part of Energiewende, the German government´s strategy to increase the share of renewable energy in the national energy mix.

NordBalt, The Baltic Sea

NordBalt is a joint project of the Swedish and Lithuanian TSOs (transmission system operators) Svenska kraftnät and Litgrid AB. It is part of Lithuania’s long-term strategy to secure its energy independence by interconnecting the power grids of the Baltic countries with other grids.

Johan Sverdrup, Norway

With expected resource base of 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalents, Johan Sverdrup is one of the most important industrial projects in Norway in the next 50 years. Peak production is estimated to be 660,000 barrels of oil per day.

Horns Rev 3, Denmark

The Horns Rev 3 wind farm is located in the North Sea, about 30 km off the western-most point of Denmark, Blåvands Huk, and not far from the city of Esbjerg. The 400 MW (megawatt) wind farm has the capacity to supply electricity to around 400,000 households.

GotLight, Sweden

Breezy southern Gotland was an early favorite for wind power. By the late 1990’s, the Swedish island had an installed wind power capacity of 40 MW (megawatt). To cope with additional wind power generation, the island grid needed an improved way of maintaining power quality.

Gotland, Sweden

Our pioneering HVDC transmission cable system was laid in 1953, between Västervik and Ygne. The link had a rated voltage of 100 kV (kilovolt) and a transmission capacity of 20 MW (megawatt).

Goliat, Norway

The Goliat oil and gas field, 105 km off the Northern coast of Norway, was discovered in 2000 and is operated by Eni Norge. The production of oil and gas from a FPSO (floating, production, storage and offloading) platform started in 2016.

Gjøa, Norway

The turnkey solution comprised the longest HVAC submarine cable in the world at this time installed in one complete length and at this voltage.

Cork Habour, Ireland

Using 220 kV submarine and onshore cables cables to connect Glanagow and Raffeen via a busy shipping route - 30.5 km total length

CMS, Scotland

The Caithness-Moray project represents a £1.1bn capital investment by SSEN, centred on a submarine cable capable of carrying up to 1,200MW beneath the Moray Firth.

Burbo Bank, UK

NKT was part of the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm extension project. The original Burbo Bank offshore wind farm is situated on the Burbo Flats in Liverpool Bay in the UK and receives the full force of the wind from the Irish Sea in the west, making it an ideal location for offshore wind power generation.

Bayonne, New York Harbour

In 2011 NKT completed a cable system solution for the Bayonne Energy Center near the New York Harbor, which generates 512 MW of electricity.

Peking - Šanghaj, Čína

Se svými 1.318 km je tato trať nejdelší tratí na světě, která byla dokončena v jediné stavební fázi.

Paříž – Štrasburk, Francie

Nový rychlostní rekord pro vlaky na konvenčních tratích s 574,8 km/hod

Madrid - Valencie, Španělsko

Trať má 79 mostů, 50 tunelů a 6 stanic

Gotthardský úpatní tunel, Švýcarsko

Se svými 57 km je to nejdelší železniční tunel na světě.

Peking - Tianjin, Čína

V roce 2008 první trať pro osobní přepravu v Číně umožňující maximální rychlost 350 km/hod

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